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  • While we always try to ask as much information as we can to understand your task fully yet if you feel we didn't asked what you wanted to say, please speak with us.

  • Regarding any particular task, our correspondant will coommunicate ith you and work can be started after mutually agreeing on terms of references.

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    To be able for the site to provide a secure and useful service, it's vital for uaepainting.com to gather, use, and share your provided information on our website. Information posted on uaepainting.com is publicly readily available to you and will not be shared with any 3rd party for any kind of advertisement. All of our computers are based in the United States as well as the United Arab Emirates, therefore, if you decide to supply united states with personal information, you are consenting to your transfer and storage of that information on our hosts in the united states and the United Arab Emirates. We collect and keep the next individual information:

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    Feel free to fill up contact details on our contact form as we don't save it in any database. That part of our website is only responsible to forward your suggestion/complaint/query to the corresponding department along with your contact details. After that, only that person can comunicate with you to further follow up with your asked questions (if any).

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